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Le guide des destinations indigènes : the book

Tourisme Equitable

par Cyril Bernard - publié le

PARUTION le 30 mars 2006 chez INDIGENE éditions
Collection : Indigène esprit


Sylvie Blangy

Released on March 25, 2006

The first guide book in French on community based indigenous tourism for the public gathering initiatives from all around the world and giving an update of how community based tourism is evolving,

Over 400 initiatives of community based ecotourism around the world have been identified. 180 were selected and described by 140 authors from 60 different countries

The contributions were written up by a range of community leaders, visitors, or consultants and facilitators involved in the development of the initiatives at all stages of the project. Each case study is split into 3 parts, a short, lively report on the location, a selected representative package, and “information on” the cultural setting.

The community initiatives were selected as the most representative projects for their authenticity and their capacity to use tourism as a tool to preserve their cultural heritage and their natural resources. The tours are Indigenous owned and run from well structured communities benefiting directly from tourism.

This first French edition demonstrates the diversity and richness of the initiatives. Indigenous tourism offers a range of experiences, ecosystems, cultures, languages, and livelihoods that the conventional tourism industry will never have an opportunity to experience.

Authors describe themselves and their organisations in the final chapter. A list of references and bibliography is available at the end of the book.

The foreword is written by Martha Honey, the executive director of TIES, the International Ecotourism Society

The French, Dutch and German Development Assistance Agencies have kindly supported the book from the very beginning, with a pre-purchase of 600 copies.

The book is published in French by INDIGENE EDITIONS the first and only French publishing house dedicated to indigenous authors and subjects throughout the world. It is distributed by Harmonia Mundi in French speaking countries. A second edition in English is planned for 2006.

The author, Sylvie Blangy, is a consultant in ecotourism, with 15 years experience in this field. She has worked extensively throughout the world with indigenous groups. Sylvie sits on the executive board of The International Ecotourism Society. She is currently completing a PhD on “Ecotourism, indigenous communities, land management and conservation of biodiversity”, lecturing at University and will be researching at the Carleton University in Ottawa funded on a European Marie Curie fellowship starting in July.