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Impact of mining on ecosystems, caribou herds and Inuit life styles in Baker Lake, Nunavut. Triangular research collaborations for alternative scenarios of change

par Sylvie Blangy - publié le

The project aims at studying the impact of mining development on ecosystems, caribou herds and Inuit lifestyles in Baker Lake, Nunavut. It is addressing the concerns raised by the community about the uranium mine to be opened in 2015. It is using a triangular research model, linking community-based experts, academics and mining representatives who will develop interdisciplinary projects. It aims at strengthening the research capacity built within the community through participatory workshops organized in the frame of the ECOTRAD caribou/reindeer comparative study conducted in collaboration with the Saami of Northern Sweden. This project will help design and implement the Arctic "Man and Environment Observatory" program initiated and supported by the French CNRS and will join a network of 5 existing OHM located in France, Portugal Senegal, French Guyana