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Research Project

Tuktu-Poro Collaborative Research Network

Canada, SHHRC

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Research Project : Tuktu-Poro Collaborative Research Network

Photo : Staffan Widstrand,

Staffan WidstrandThis conference brings research representatives from the Inuit, Cree, Saami, and Nenetses communities together with their academic research partners, and is comprised of two tracks :

* The First Track : Workshop
The two-day workshop, limited to 25 participants already involved in the field, will provide opportunities for on-going research and networking projects as well as InterCultural training.

* The Second Track : Public Sessions
The two-day public portion of the conference is geared for scholars and represenatives of Aboriginal and Indigenous groups who may be interested in such issues as collaborative Aboriginal research programs, Aboriginal tourism, scenarios of change, adaptive strategies, and issues of tangible and intangible cultural preservation in Northern regions. It will include presentations on results of several research projects, drafting of recommendations and guidelines for collaborative research programs, introduction to tools and techniques developd by Jacques Chevalier and Daniel Buckles from Carleton University, and exploration of the framework for a new research program to be developed.

The goal of this workshop is to :

* Bring together Aboriginal-Indigenous tourism operators, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal researchers, and other stakeholders involved in eco- and cultural-tourism projects related to reaindeer/caribou livelihood ;
* Facilitate the process by which stakeholders can map out a Northern Aboriginal-Indigenous collaborative research strategy that will incorporate ethical criteria, environmental management strategies, culturally adapted governance, and local control of projects (among other criteria), and initiate a community of practice in Aboriginal tourism across the Arctic and Sub-Arctic ;
* Explore, test, and promote innovative collaborative and PAR tools for development projects ; share specific methodological approaches for tourism and other economic planning inNorthern Aboriginal-Indigenous communities, and build a collaborative network using a common web-based or portal-based approach.


The communities involved in this project are :

* Caribou Inuit of Baker Lake
* The Cree First Nations of Eeyou Istchee around James Bay
* The Saami Herders of Öaut;vre Soppero, Sweden
* The Netses of Northeastern Russia
* Representatives from other communities who may be interested


The workshop is funded by the Opportunity International Funds Program of the SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada). The funding received for the project is to cover essentially the workshop logistics and the transportation and subsistence costs of the 8 Aboriginal representatives from Nordic communities involved in reindeer herding and caribou livelihood.

Other participants must cover their own expenses. There are no registration fees.

Voir en ligne : InterCulture Research Centre