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Looking for references

Invasive Species

par Martin Nunez - publié le

Looking at references or information on invasive species and ecotourism

I am a PHD student from Argentina based at the University of Tennessee working with Dan Simberloff. I am working on a paper analyzing the differences related to the problem of invasives species in developing countries versus developed countries. The main idea is that poor countries have advantages and disadvantages compared with rich countries, not only disadvantages as some people believe, and that this should be consider by researchers. One argument that we have is that poor countries tend to depend more in their natural resources compared to developed ones (since rich countries tend to depend more in industry and other things not related to nature). So, they can be more affected by invasive species that countries with a solid industry.

An example that we want to give is ecotourism that seems to be more developed in poor countries than in rich ones (this paper suggests that : Che D. 2006. Developing ecotourism in First World, resource-dependent areas. Geoforum 37 : 212-226), as evidence that poor countries rely more in nature. So if you have some references on this topic I will be really thankful. Also, if you have references related to the main topic I will appreciate that.

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