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What is Community-Based Tourism, aboriginal tourism or indigenous tourism ?

Please, consult Zepler’s book on Indigenous tourism.

These are sample definitions provided by various authors or found in the litterature

What is your feeling ? Should we come up with a common definition for this web site ?

Community-based tourism adds a whole new dimension to travelling. Not only do you take away an incredible experience, but you also give back to the community that you have visited. As a community-based tourist, by staying in these guesthouses and going on these unique tours you actually contribute towards conservation and poverty alleviation, thereby creating sustainable development of tourism in that specific region.
These community-based accommodation options are either :
1. located within a community (e.g. on communal land, or with lease fees paid to the community) ; or
2. owned by one or more community members (i.e. for the benefit of one or more community members) ; or
3. managed by community members (i.e. community members can influence decisions made with regards to running the business).
Anna Spenceley

Sources Southern Africa Community Based Tourism Network.

Community based Tourism aims at involving the local people in the planning, decision-making and implementation of tourism development activities. This form of tourism assures that the benefits stay as much as possible in the local community.